Some forms are omnipresent or, at least, generally recognized. These archetypal forms, however simple they may seem, often bring about innovating results when taken out of their original context and used as a new point of departure for furniture design. A single surface and the correct folds are the simple point of departure for origami, the art of creating a perfectly proportioned three-dimensional representation of an object using a single sheet of paper. An accordion formed shelf is formed from a ‘sheet’ of wood. Some correctly placed folding lines result in this sleek piece of furniture offering storage space on both sides and can serve as a room divider as well. The genuine construction, using solid wood, wooden joints and glue, emphasises simplicity and symmetry.

solid European oak, oiled finish
160 x 46 x 160 cm

Limited edition of 8 pieces + 2 a.p.

photography: Anna Leoni