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Originally a table was not a static piece of furniture (the Egyptians stored them under their bed, in medieval castles the tops were placed upright against the walls when not in use. In richer castles these tops later were painted and thus formed a decorative element in the room). The same goes for this table: a long tablet on trestles with a work of art by Stefan Peeters on the underside of the table top. Specific to Peeters' work is, among other things, his painting on slats. These slats are also used as extra reinforcement for the bridging and stiffness of the table length.  Conceived for BKRK- and Kasteelproject of Bokrijk / 

solid European oak / FSC-certified
oiled finish

400 x 100 x 75 cm
can be customized

limited edition of 8P + 4AP + PT

artwork by the Belgian artist Stefan Peeters


photography: Jean Van Cleemput