Ordinary utensils and archetypal designs get a new interpretation and are, without denying their original form, being extended with new functions. The series Bag are based on an ordinary object in its original function (carrying / storing) and form, but made of an exceptional material (leather). One of the most archetypal and useful utensils of our times, the carrier bag, is reformed to last as durable furniture. For the wardrobe unit Bag4 Casimir used the sports bag in an upright position. On the one hand, this causes its resemblance with the camping closet, used to temporarily store clothes on location. On the other hand, it makes Bag4 far easier to use and more accessible than the usual camping closet with a zipper on the front. Bag4 has zippers on both sides, like on a sports bag. Bag4 is more solid, durable, practical and less mobile than the camping version.

solid oak and leather
110 x 45 x 155 cm

photography: Kristof Vrancken