Ordinary utensils and archetypal designs get a new interpretation and are, without denying their original form, being extended with new functions. The series Bag are based on an ordinary object in its original function (carrying / storing) and form, but made of an exceptional material (leather). One of the most archetypal and useful utensils of our times, the carrier bag, is reformed to last as durable furniture. In this case, the bag is a leather sports bag. By anchoring the bag into a frame, the bag becomes a storage unit. The dimensions of the sports bag in Bag3 give an extra meaning to the name of the object. The empty sports bag hangs baggily, formlessly in the frame. This formlessness however isn’t negative. It gives the cabinet its character and gives the user the liberty to partially design the cabinet himself by filling the bag. Formlessness is part of the design.

solid oak and leather
140 x 30 x 105 cm

photography: Kristof Vrancken