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Ordinary utensils and archetypal designs get a new interpretation and are, without denying their original form, being extended with new functions.

The series Bag are based on an ordinary object in its original function (carrying / storing) and form, but made of an exceptional material (leather). One of the most archetypal and useful utensils of our times, the carrier bag, is reformed to last as durable furniture. The bag’s form has been maintained. Just like the plastic version, each bag in Bag1 slightly deviates from the perfect model. The quality of the materials and the property of leather to age gracefully, incite one to use this furniture. The soft leather furthermore causes the bags to take the form of their contents. The leather bags are hooked into a stackable oak frame and can be filled, transported, filed, … The storage unit resembles the file cabinets used in offices, but the suppleness and durability of the leather, the slight deviations from the model and the user’s ability to partially design the furniture by filling the bags, give this storage or filing system its poetic dimension. Bag2 is a storage system for 40 'carrier bags' in high-quality leather, which can be fixed to the wall.

solid European oak
natural finish
260 x 43 x 61 cm
can be customized


photography: Kristof Vrancken