Casimir/Indera: the collab

  • For over three decades, conceptual furniture maker Casimir has been creating furniture of high craftsmanship featuring clean lines that go straight to the essence. For the very first time, Casimir has now outsourced his designs. For the Folded collection, he teamed up with Indera studios, part of the Mecam Group, the largest seating furniture manufacturer in the Benelux.
  • Their fist collection together is called FOLDED, an initial series of seven small furniture pieces. Folded refers to the source of the furniture artist’s inspiration: the Japanese folding art of origami. What would happen if a solid wooden board were to be folded into a piece of furniture? The result: uniquely fascinating shapes and the sophisticated interplay of lines in natural wood grains.
  • The furniture pieces, which can perhaps best be described as ‘art objects’, are fully complementary to both the Indera soft seating collection and pristine Casimir furniture line. Robust with an industrial touch and largely made of solid oak, each of these creations can be clearly traced back to the creative mind of their master. Many of the items are clever metamorphoses of time-honoured furniture concepts.

photography: Jean Van Cleemput